Understanding SEO in Context

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Understanding SEO in Context

A (very) Brief History of Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO: From Way-Back-When, To Round-About-Now

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December 2013

Google has gotten the Internet industry bustling with even more activity once again. After the introduction of Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant for Android phones that is set to give Siri a run for Apple’s money, business people are asking: How can this piece of mobile software change the way I do business on the Internet? For regular smartphone users, Google Now might simply be just another player in the personal assistant software market opened by Apple.

For business owners, however, Google Now can change the game altogether. Consider this: Android phones are getting ahead of iPhones in terms of market share, which means more people use Google Now than Siri. When a user’s phone detects his location via the phone’s GPS and sees that it is almost time for lunch, Google Now automatically does a quick search of restaurants in the area and presents the results to the user, without him having to ask for it.

In short, Google Now works by searching based on the specific user’s context. Let’s say, for instance, that your restaurant is located within the vicinity of the user. Wouldn’t you have loved to be in Google Now’s search results? Any businessman in his right mind would. Google Now is the new search of the future and, believe it or not, the way we do SEO will undergo yet again another massive makeover. Right now, the focus is on creating high-quality, interesting and relevant content to keep a website on top of the search engines. While Google will most likely favour these websites in the long run, there are other factors that you shouldn’t miss out on. Instead of focusing on plain SEO alone, we now have to think about SEO in context.

For one thing, Google is largely going social. A search on a local business shows its social network pages on top of the search results, along with the business’s official website. For another, have you noticed that all your Google accounts (Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Places, Blogger, Google+, etc.) have been integrated under one single account? Google is amassing all this information about your business because Google Now needs this information to be more fully relevant to the smartphone user. This means businesses that leverage their Google accounts get more advantage. And this is why Google+ isn’t “just another social network” that is going to die anytime soon.

The key to increasing your advantage and your chances of showing up in Google Now’s searches is to get more on Google. You need a complete and updated business page on Google+ along with a listing in Google+ Local. Ask your most loyal customers to write a review and give them reasons to interact with you on Google+. Even just a basic Google+ presence does so much more than nothing.

Context, more than SEO, will be more relevant for future Internet users, who are, by the way, increasingly going mobile. It’s not the time to abandon your present SEO efforts, but it is one smart move to incorporate your SEO with exposure to mobile users through Google Now. SEO has to be done in context. This is what the specialists of Web Design Taiwan can offer you. Our strategies for SEO in context are designed not only to help keep you on top of the search engines but also to take advantage of context as it is used by mobile Internet users. Want to know more about how this works? Give us a call. We’d be happy to chat.

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