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Mobile & Tablet Ready Web Design

Responsive Web Design

So What Does Responsive Mean?

When you view your website on a mobile phone, if the text is too small to read easily, or the navigation menus are difficult to use, or your images push off the side of the screen, your website may not be ‘responsive’.

Quick Explanation of Mobile Ready, Responsive Websites

So, this is a quick video to explain what the term ‘Responsive Web Design’ means for you and the website we build for you.

The word ‘responsive’ simply means that your website will respond automatically to the device your website visitors are using to view your website.

These devices include PC’s and Macs with full size screens, and mobile devices such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and mobile phones such as the iPhone.

Specifically with mobile devices, your website will respond to whether these devices are being held in portrait or landscape orientation.

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

If you’re using a tablet or mobile to view this webpage, simply change the orientation of your screen by 90 degrees to see the difference.[/blockquote]

If you’re viewing this webpage on with a mobile phone or tablet, then you are already seeing the webpage optimised for your screen size.

If you’re viewing this page on a desktop PC or Mac, then a quick way to show you how your website will change depending on the size of screen your website visitor is using is this :-

I’ll move my mouse cursor to the right hand edge of my web browser, click, then slowly drag the handle to the left to reduce the size of the window.

As you can see, the webpage re-formats automatically depending on the size of the screen. This is exactly what happens when your website visitors view your responsive website on a tablet or mobile.

You don’t need to do anything at all – your website determines the size of the screen, and the content is reformatted automatically for you so that it displays well on all devices.

Which Platform Do You Use?

If you’re interested, we focus on the WordPress platform to enable you to manage the content on your own website. We customise Responsive WordPress themes so that your website visitors can access your website on PC’s, Macs, Tablets and Mobile Devices. WordPress is open source, and used by millions of popular websites across the globe, including Ford, Xerox, Pepsi, Mashable, TechCrunch, Sony, UPS, Ebay, Forbes, Reuters, CNN and The New York Times. We also develop other open source platforms including Open Cart, Woocommerce etc.

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