Intabase Solutions Case Study

|Intabase Solutions Case Study
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Project Description

Intabase Solutions Case Study

Web Design, SEO, CMS, Project Management, Consultancy

Intabase Solutions Case Study
“We’ve used Darren’s services many times now over the years, and are still happy to do so. If you need a reference, we’re happy to give it!”
J Thornton, Managing Director, Intabase Solutions Ltd


We’ve enjoyed working with Intabase now for many years on various projects.

We have a very close working relationship with Intabase, and look forward to building on this through the coming years.

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Which Platform Do You Use?

If you’re interested, we focus on the WordPress platform to enable you to manage the content on your own website. We customise Responsive WordPress themes so that your website visitors can access your website on PC’s, Macs, Tablets and Mobile Devices. WordPress is open source, and used by millions of popular websites across the globe, including Ford, Xerox, Pepsi, Mashable, TechCrunch, Sony, UPS, Ebay, Forbes, Reuters, CNN and The New York Times. We also develop other open source platforms including Open Cart, Woocommerce etc.

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