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Search Engine Optimisation

There are a few things we don’t do for our clients, and lots of things we do:

Before you contact us, we’d like to introduce you to our general approach to mobile ready website design, SEO, Social Media, and Online Marketing – and what this means to you in relation to increasing your conversions, sales and profits.

MangoPublic Do’s & Dont’s

What MangoPublic Do

At MangoPublic, we focus strictly on ‘White Hat’ techniques that provide solid, reliable results for the long term benefit of your website and business. ‘White Hat’ techniques are those that are considered ethical, legitimate strategies to help your website gain visitors and enquiries. We do not use any form of technique that is likely to harm your business endeavours. See our service and pricing page to get an idea of the sort of service we provide.

What MangoPublic Don’t Do

We specifically will not provide our services to clients who wish to buy links, participate in link farms, link networks, or purchase links in bulk. 

In short, we won’t provide any service which we believe could harm your website’s rankings, or the reputation of your business.

Ethics & Approach

If we believe we can assist your business in generating more revenue from your website, and we love your product or service, then we will. MangoPublic are very much interested in forming long term partnerships with our Clients. Each and every Client is important to us, and this is reflected in our approach to promoting your business online.

Get in touch with MangoPublic today to find out what we can do for you.

At MangoPublic, we love to be involved in projects that we believe in. If we genuinely like the quality of your service or product, then we believe we can produce great results for you.

We know that by increasing the return on your Marketing budget and bottom line, you and your business are highly likely to remain as loyal to us, as we are to you.   There is no point in us undertaking work that we don’t truly believe in, as the best work is produced when we are genuinely interested in our Client’s business. Contact Us if you are interested in discovering more about how we can help your business succeed online.