Office to Home Office with Teamviewer

|Office to Home Office with Teamviewer

Office to Home Office with Teamviewer

If from time to time you need to access a file, or control your Mac or PC from your work or home, there are a number of options out there.

Teamviewer is one of them, and in my case so far, it works really well for logging into/from the Mac (office) and Windows 7 PC (home office) without a hitch.

I’ve had issues with Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop – which is only really working one-way: from my Mac to my PC.  Logging in the other way around results in not a lot getting done.

We’ve already covered tools such as Dropbox (*for file syncing between your devices), Evernote (syncing richly formatted notes), and Wunderlist (for syncing ‘get-things-done’-type task lists).

These are great for having all the information at your fingertips on your Mac, PC, Tablet and phone.

Teamviewer is free for personal use – so you can’t go using it to support all your clients with the free version – paid versions exist for this (or see LogMeIn also).

But if you need to grab some photos / personal documents from your computer at home & upload / sync them somewhere else, Teamviewer does the job nicely.

teamviewer-computersSetup is pretty quick, and once you’ve added your Computers, you can fire up the connection & control them through a separate window.

One of the key things that Teamview does well, is multiple monitors.  Chrome Remote Desktop doesn’t do this well at all, displaying all monitors in one window (I have 4 on the Windows PC, and 2 on the Mac).  Even with a dual-monitor setup, Chrome Remote Desktop is fiddly, and just not very nice to use.  3 or 4 monitors is ridiculous.

Teamviewer allows you to easily cycle through the available desktops, and generally seems to ‘just work’.  Admittedly it’s been a while since I used Logmein, so maybe they have an update that has improved things, but of the three I’ve tried (Logmein, Chrome Remote Desktop, Teamviewer) – Teamviewer is the least-clunky in my opinion.

If you’ve got wifi – you can get away with controlling your Mac/PC from your iPad – although if you’ve got nice big HD Widescreens on the Mac/PC, then this will feel a little less elegant.  Can be used in a pinch, but you wouldn’t want to be working like that for more than a few minutes 😉

I tried using the iPad version of Teamviewer via tethering to my iPhone’s 3G connection.  Zzzzzzzzzz.  Maybe 4G works better.

*signing up using the Dropbox link will give us both an extra 500MB bonus space. Win-Win.

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