MangoPublic’s Backup-Your-Backups Policy

|MangoPublic’s Backup-Your-Backups Policy

MangoPublic’s Backup-Your-Backups Policy

As I write this on 28th April 2014…..

Wooops.  I was in the middle of doing something else, when I hovered over the Time Machine icon on my Mac…and it said the last backup was 9th March 2013.

Oh dear.

timemachine_lgI have no idea how this happened, but fortunately I have been running Crashplan – backing up from the business office, to the home office.  So at least I had an off-site backup to fall back on.

Still it’s a bit of a shocker – I don’t remember turning it off, and I don’t remember any warnings about backups not having taken place.

To clarify, I have no complaints about Time Machine for the Mac whatsoever – it always seemed to have a nice, sequential series of backups (incremental I think is the right term), that I could skim through.  I just haven’t needed to look for a backup for all this time, obviously.

And likewise with Crashplan – it’s an absolutely cracking piece of software that chugs away in the background, backing up everything I need from the business office to the home office, and vice versa.  It works on both the Mac at the business address, and the Windows 7 PC in the Home Office.  And I can unlock the office backup at home, should I need a file that’s on the Mac, and vice versa.

None of this is a problem for our clients of course 😉

dropboxWe have independent backups for our client websites, both on the webserver, and off-site backups to e.g. Dropbox. The database backups are also emailed, for a belt, bracers & safety net approach!

Still, it’s worth a manual check now & then to see if your backups are running as you thought they were.

Anyhow, I suppose that’s my latest tip(s) for business owners – for a foolproof(?) solution, always have off-site backups running for your important data, as well as on-site backups to make sure that if things start hitting the fan, you’ve got what you need.


CrashPlan-logoWe use Crashplan for off-site backups, Time Machine (for Mac), Windows backup on Windows 7 (not perfect, but manageable), and Dropbox.

*Disclaimer: Links above are sponsor-free – the only thing I benefit from, is if you use my Dropbox link to sign up – then we both get a little extra free space from the nice guys at Dropbox.  Smashing 😉

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