Gmail-Delay-Send – Tips & Tricks / Free Handy Tools

|Gmail-Delay-Send – Tips & Tricks / Free Handy Tools

Gmail-Delay-Send – Tips & Tricks / Free Handy Tools

gmail-delay-send-logoGmail-Delay-Send – Tips & Tricks / Free Handy Tools

What does it do?

“The project allows you to setup a system to create emails and schedule them to be sent at a certain time. You can compose them on any platform (eg. mobile/computer) and the only extra work is to apply a label and specify the time in which to send the mail.

(Above quoted from the Google Code website)

I’m testing this myself now – I’ve been looking for something to do this for over a year – but most of the stuff I found was either limited-trial, or has a “sent by xyz gmail scheduler” inserted in the email that was sent.  So this looks just the job.

I’ll come back in a month or so and report my experience, but for now you can find it yourself here –

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