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Conversion Optimisation

Convert More Visitors to Customers & Maximize Sales by Split Testing

You may have heard of Conversion Optimisation, and Return on Investment

What Does ‘Conversion Optimisation’ Mean?

An easy way to visualise the concept of Conversion Optimisation is the Sales Funnel.

Let’s say you get 100 visitors to your website, at the top of the sales funnel. These visitors take various paths navigating your website.

Some leave immediately, some look at your products, but don’t like what they see, then leave, some may recommend your website to their friends, and a small percentage will actually buy what you are selling.

Let’s say 2 out of these 100 visitors make a purchase. That gives your website a 2% Conversion Rate from Visitor to Customer.

Conversion Optimisation - The Sales Funnel

Split A – B Testing

Split A/B Testing is a test carried out, usually setup by your web designer or SEO company. Very simply, we split your website visitors 50/50, with half going to the original page, and half going to a new version of the page.

The new version of the page may have a different layout, different text for your Call to Action, or video instead of images.

The test is run until you have enough data to determine which of the 2 pages is better at meeting the Conversion Goal.

Simple adjustments to a Landing or Sales page can often yield great results. For instance, if you make a change to your website that results in an increase from 2 in 100, up to 3 in 100 visitors making a purchase, that equates to a Sales increase of 50%.

And a 50% sales increase is something most businesses would relish.

In short, Conversion Optimisation can be a very effective method of increasing your Return on Investment without increasing your usual marketing budget.

A Conversion Goal is decided upon, for example, Less Bounces, or higher Sales.

Conversion Optimisation - Website Optimiser & Google Analytics
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Which Platform Do You Use for Split A – B Testing?

If you’re interested, we focus on using Google Content Experiments to run split A – B tests.  It’s already tied into your Google Analytics account, and makes it relatively simple to set up your Split A – B Tests.  We can also run Multivariate Testing (e.g. Split A – B – B1 – B2) if required.
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