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Content Management Websites

Put You & Your Staff in Control of Your Website

All our MangoPublic websites are built on platforms such as WordPress, with Content Management Systems built in.

Content Management Systems Overview

What Does ‘CMS’ Mean?

A CMS (Content Management System) simply means that you as the website owner (and as many Staff as you like) have the ability to add and edit the text, images and video content on your website.

When your website goes live, we’ll give you an Admin username and password, and you simply enter these and login.

And then you’ll be presented with your Admin Dashboard. Adding content such as images, embedding videos, adding text content to your website is as simple as going over to posts or pages on the left hand side, clicking Add New, adding the Title for your Post, then entering the Content for your Post (this also applies to Pages by the way too).

Then you can click the button to Add Media, use the formatting toolbar for bold, italic, bullets, indentation, left and right align and so on,

Take It Easy

Then before we actually go and publish this new post or page to your website, you can save the Draft, and then click Preview, which will open a new tab so you can check what you’ve entered for the new page before pushing it live to your website.

User Accounts

You are in control & can add as many Admin accounts as you like.  From content Contributors, to Editors that can Publish their own & Contributors’ Content, to full Admins that can access system settings.

And that it! It’s that simple to add new content, and edit existing pages on your website.

Which Platform Do You Use?

If you’re interested, we focus on the WordPress platform to enable you to manage the content on your own website. We customise Responsive WordPress themes so that your website visitors can access your website on PC’s, Macs, Tablets and Mobile Devices. WordPress is open source, and used by millions of popular websites across the globe, including Ford, Xerox, Pepsi, Mashable, TechCrunch, Sony, UPS, Ebay, Forbes, Reuters, CNN and The New York Times. We also develop other open source platforms including Open Cart, Woocommerce etc.

Get in touch with MangoPublic today to find out what we can do for you.

繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))