MangoPublic’s Backup-Your-Backups Policy

As I write this on 28th April 2014..... Wooops.  I was in the middle of doing something else, when I hovered over the Time Machine icon on my Mac...and it said the last backup was 9th March 2013. Oh dear. I have no idea how this happened, but fortunately I have been running Crashplan - backing [...]

Gmail-Delay-Send – Tips & Tricks / Free Handy Tools

Gmail-Delay-Send - Tips & Tricks / Free Handy Tools What does it do? "The project allows you to setup a system to create emails and schedule them to be sent at a certain time. You can compose them on any platform (eg. mobile/computer) and the only extra work is to apply a label and specify [...]

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Evernote – Tips & Tricks / Free Handy Tools

Tips & Tricks / Free Handy Tools - Evernote One thing I discovered is Evernote.  This applies not only to businesses in Taiwan, but is available globally.  After using it for a few months, I can say it's absolutely brilliant if you have projects that require a diverse collection of media and information to pull the [...]

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4 Ways To Use Social Media For Backlinks

Nice video by Rand Fishkin - great advice about how to use Social Media for your business website - This Whiteboard Friday pushes forward the idea that getting backlinks isn't necessarily something that is bad - it's how the web works, right? The main point is that backlinks from Social Media sources will usually come [...]

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How To Setup Google Adwords

Maximum Return on Your Adwords Marketing Budget If you're thinking that you might be able to get more customers for your business by using Adwords, then you're right. This guide is for you if you are a business owner, you are In charge of marketing, or you manage your company's online advertising. We'll [...]