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Bad Apples.

Sometimes Apple really P***ES me off.  Yep, in Caps.

After wasting nearly an hour of my time on Sync issues with my Mac, iTunes, iPad, and iPhone, and asking the Apple support agent to pass the Chat through to support as I’d already lost an hour of my day, they still tell me to go and submit feedback.

This is also during a week when my ‘magic mouse’ decided to up the ante from it’s usual process of continual disconnection / reconnection, and refuse to work at all, and hours of support on that before they arrange a replacement.

Very poor customer service (which to be fair had been good up until the end), applied to poor iTunes to iPad / iPhone App Sync functionality.  Just put the info over to your tech guys.  Simple.

I know Steve Jobs was a visionary who had a clear definition of how he wanted his products to work, look, and feel – maybe Apple never has responded to Customer requests that often (see online for years and years of paying Apple customers asking for simple, very sensible improvements to apps) – maybe they need to apply some of that vision to their current products *and* customer service / customer input.

Especially if they want to maintain market share with the ever-popular Android devices around.  From what I’ve seen of my friends gear, it does just about the same stuff that Apple’s does, for far less outlay financially, and packaged more and more attractively (aesthetics of product) with each passing year.

What the hell happened with iOS7 I don’t know.  It’s hideous, it’s slow, and has turned off Apple product lovers by the thousand (*hmm – maybe more, but I’m taking a ‘conservative’ stab at this after trawling through various forums)

I’d prefer an option in my iPad settings to revert to the old ‘graphic theme’ to be honest.  But then I guess Apple doesn’t want people to have that much control over customisation of their (very expensive) products.

There, that’s another 20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back again.

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